We are the most trusted and powerful solutions partner for those committed to Regulatory Excellence.


At Helsby Drake, we are exclusively focused on supporting regulatory excellence. We provide our regulatory partners with an absolute best-of-breed full-service solution that is tailored to support all key processes, breeding regulatory excellence at every level. 

The Helsby Drake team has more than 75+ years of accumulated professional experience in regulation. We employ industry, legal expertise, policing expertise, quality, strategy, technology, management and communications professionals. Drawing upon our firsthand experience in this unique problem domain, Helsby Drake possesses an unparalleled level of expertise and industry knowledge. This knowledge has led to the creation of a set of regulatory solutions and services that are in a class of their own and lead the industry in terms of supporting regulatory excellence with modern technology backed by the strongest possible information security best practices.

Of particular importance today, all of our solutions offer the highest level of online data security available in the industry. That’s why strategic and thoughtful regulators partner with Helsby Drake.

With Helsby Drake, you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that our singular focus is ensuring your organization runs at peak operating excellence and as a true model to its peers.


As the enforcer of relevant laws, polices, and regulations, regulators should always seek legal advice on the procedural aspects of their software implementations to ensure full compliance.

Neither Helsby Drake, nor Thentia Global Systems Inc. are licensed to provide legal services to the public or to you. We are management, process, subject matter, information security and software experts. We work together with your organization to create specifications and identify processes we think need improvement, based upon our experience alone, prior to commencing our software implementation. From there you should review our implementation plan with your legal team either independently or together with us to retain the necessary advice required to move forward.

We engage in this way to implement our technology solutions in a manner that accurately reflects your counsel’s legal advice with respect to your regulations and by-laws. It’s a collaborative effort, facilitated by our deep industry knowledge and technology. What is clear is that if your business processes don’t line up with your regulations and by-laws, and we build your system on top of that, then that exposes your organization to risk. It’s crucially important in every engagement that we take the time to review everything from top to bottom to make sure to put you on your best possible footing.


As part of the Thentia Global family, founded in Toronto, Canada, Helsby Drake was created with the vision of providing a total solution delivery partner for regulatory bodies. Our team is comprised of subject matter experts that come directly from regulatory bodies, police forces, law firms along with technology and information security experts. Working together in collaboration, you finally have a solution provider that knows how to help you reach your excellence goals because we have the real-world regulatory experience it takes to deliver it.


Helsby Drake is a values-driven company; excellence and customer satisfaction come first when it comes to developing our solutions and serving our clients.  We focus on client service throughout the entire client life-cycle, beginning with on-time and on-budget implementation to post-implementation support from our dedicated client support team. From start to finish, we work with you one-on-one to develop and customize our solution platform to meet your specific needs.

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